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Deloitte CEO in Brazil

Altair Rossato


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Renato Souza, MTB 26.563



Marta Daré


Contents team

Rebeca Ferreira

Sthefani Tironi


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Elisa Paulillo (coordination)

Ayrton Mugnaini

Larissa Almeida


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Mare Magnum



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Gabriela Brandão

Andrea Costa

Fernando Fontes

Felipe Ribeiro



Carlos Brazil

Humberto Maia Junior







Guilherme Salviati (voice over)


Technical support

Royal Pixel



Amazon, ABC Brasil Bank, Febraban, Gofind, IBM Cloud Brasil, Inbenta, São Paulo’s Department of Innovation, Riachuelo, Santander, Serasa Experian, Solar Palm, Waze and Vivo.


Studies and economic research

Giovanni Cordeiro (coordination)

Dominick Oliveira

Evelyn Carvalho

Letícia Julião

Letícia Rosa

Paula Forti

Thiago Maia


Translation to English

Marisa Koga



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